Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health Professions

The Pre-Health Professions concentration is designed to develop students who have a thorough understanding of the principles of food science and have also fulfilled the prerequisites for medical school or other health-related professional or graduate school programs (examples include but are not limited to: medicine, nursing, physician's assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy, occupational therapy, public health, optometry, podiatry, and others).

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Food Science Minor

A minor in food science is available. Students complete 18 hours of courses in Applied Food Chemistry, Composition and Chemical Reactions of Foods, Microbiology of Foods, Food Preservation Technology, plus other courses from which students can choose.

Transfer Guide

Students may transfer to Mississippi State University from regionally accredited community, junior or senior colleges for any period of enrollment, provided they have earned a 2.0 GPA (as computed by Mississippi State University) on all college courses attempted as well as earned a 2.0 GPA on the 30-hours of core courses. Transfer students should look at the transfer course equivalent guide to determine which courses will transfer.


Internships and/or professional experience prepares students for future careers in Food Science. A significant percentage of employers prefer students with work experience outside of a college environment to students with no experience, according to new data released by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Students should check with the MSU Career Center or the program coordinator for internship opportunities.

Graduate Studies

A student may work toward a Master of Science in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion with a concentration in Food Science and Technology by selecting courses from Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion and allied areas such as biochemistry, microbiology, animal and dairy sciences, and other disciplines. Faculty, staff members, and facilities of the cooperating departments are utilized. A Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, Food Science, or related areas will be considered to meet the prerequisites for study toward an advanced degree. Students from other disciplines may be required to take leveling courses generally not to exceed 15 semester hours. Learn More


Students may apply for university, college and departmental scholarships through one application. You can find the scholarship application once you logon to myState. Under the banner tab, select Financial Aid and Scholarships. The application is listed as Submit/Revise General Scholarship Application.


The Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion encourages its students to take advantage of the many experiences offered by the departmental student organizations and teams. Clubs are a great way to develop leadership skills and to learn about the various food industries. Visit the organizations page to find out more.


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