Will Evans
Will Evans, PhD

Professor and Head
Office 107 Herzer
Email: mwe59@msstate.edu
A master certified health education specialist and certified wellness practitioner, Evans brings experience and leadership in health promotion and wellness.

Anthony Gardner, PhD

Assistant Professor
Office 107 Herzer
Email: ajg130@msstate.edu

Barry Hunt
Barry E. Hunt, Ed D

Health Promotion
Office: 108 Herzer
Email: bhunt@fsnhp.msstate.edu
Professor Hunt's research interests include coordinated school health programs, alcohol and other drug prevention programs, and work-site health programs.

Bonnie Carew
Brittney Oliver, PhD

Assistant Professor
Health Promotion
Office 107 Herzer
Email: bdo30@msstate.edu
Dr. Oliver's research interests include health disparities, health beliefs, perceptions, and practices of racial/ethnic populations.

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