Health Promotion Graduate Studies

Health Promotion Graduate Program

Master of Science

The Master of Science in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion concentration in Health Promotion is designed to develop practitioners with the skills and competencies to effectively assess, design, implement, evaluate health promotion programs in a variety of settings. This program is available on-campus or through distance learning.

Graduate Certificate in Clinical Health Promotion and Wellness Coaching

The Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion also offers a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Health Promotion and Wellness Coaching. This program’s courses are under the M.S. degree in Health Promotion and has 21 credit hours that includes a health center-based practicum, and a summer field-based internship in a primary medical care home in the region. Wellness coaches work with patients to modify their health behaviors in the direction of a healthier lifestyle to reduce the early onset of chronic disease and add healthy years to life. The program is approved for on-campus or distance-based delivery and currently requires a health center practicum on the MSU campus. Other prerequisites include graduate courses in prevention and control of disease, theory and practice of health education, health promotion techniques, and behavioral epidemiology. A student may complete the 21-hour certificate as a part of the M.S. degree or, as a stand-alone certificate.

Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Extension Education with an emphasis in Health Promotion is designed to equip students for careers as public health educators, health promotion specialists, and health scientists. Graduates with this emphasis can sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist exam offered by the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing ( when they have successfully completed at least 25 hours in the Health Promotion area.

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